Web Design

    1. Domain research and registration

We will check the availability of the domain names that fit your business, and we will register it for you. 

    1. Finding the best solution for renting servers

There are many hosting options out there, we will find the best option based on your requirements. 

    1. Getting the website set up and running

We will set up the hosting and get the site running. 

    1. Web design

Many design options to choose from depending on the purpose of the site.

    1. Wordpress

One of the most popular platforms used for building web sites. 

    1. SEO

Site will be SEO optimized. Search Engine Optimization is very important so you site can be found through web browsers based on the specific keywords. Finding right words and using them in the right places on the web site is a very important part of SEO. 

    1. Consultancy on how to increase the traffic

We will teach you the best techniques used to increase the traffic and improve SEO. We will either provide these services for you, or we will train you so you can it yourself in the future. 

  1. Website management

We will keep the website updated for you. Design and functionality of the web sites change rapidly. We will keep the site up-to-date with the trends. 

Search Engine Optimization

 It is very important to have a nice website, but it is also very important that your potential customers can find you easily. Top three links in the search engines get the most traffic. SEO consists of two parts - on page and off page optimization. Your new site will be SEO optimized. You can either hire us for complete Search Engine Optimization, or we offer SEO consultancy that will teach you all SEO techniques so you can do it yourself. Contact the founder, Martin Bartalsky, and schedule your consultation today!

SEO virtual assistant

Price varies depending on the services. Contact Primo Virtual Assistant LLC to get your quote.