The importance of database management


It does not matter how big the company is, they all have huge amounts of data that needs to be organized. Database is very important for storing, retrieving, and analyzing data. It can be anything such as storing customer information or accounting. Without proper database design, data cannot be retrieved efficiently and data analysis might be almost impossible. Excel is amazing for turning data into graphs and charts for data analysis. Many people don't have enough experience to use some key features in data analysis, which can have an impact on improper decision making.

Primo Virtual Assistant LLC has experience in designing databases in Microsoft Access and MySQL - depending on the number of records. Hiring a virtual assistant for database management is a great solution for small to medium-sized businesses. You will only pay for the hours your virtual assistant works, and you know that your data will be in good hands. Decision making will become as easy as it has never been before. 

virtual assistant database design

Database Management

    1. Database design for simplified data storage

Good database design will save your time and effort.

    1.  Data entry

You won't have to enter you data into the database.

    1.  Cleaning up and simplifying existing databases

Your database will be cleaned up from redundant data, and any kind of formatting will be fixed. 

    1.  Excel Macros

This amazing tool can be used for your benefit to save time and resources. 

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Data Analysis

    1. Generating graphs and charts

Different formats of charts and graphs for better understanding the trends in data.

    1. Data analysis

Discovering patterns in data, monthly comparison, translating the findings into useful information for the client.

  1. Writing reports

Understandable summary of findings written in a format requested by the client.

Price varies depending on the services. Pricing by projects is possible if needed. Contact Primo Virtual Assistant LLC to discuss your requirements.