Managing Social Media for Your Business

Managing Social Media for Your Business

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social-mediaThe Internet as a whole can be a fantastic marketing tool for use within your business as it opens up a huge market audience – in fact the Internet can be considered like a yellow pages that is read by the entire world and thus your potential audience is as large and as far spread as your business can handle.

Social media is a key component of the Internet as far as marketing is concerned but unfortunately is one that is too often over looked by businesses and especially by small businesses.

Social media encompasses many different platforms including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus to name just a few. Different platforms have different benefits and also tend to be tailored to different audiences but the concept is the same across all of these platforms – social media is really about engaging with your customers both existing and potential.

Because of the way in which social media is used it enables businesses to start up a direct conversation with the community in a relaxed and informal environment. Social media is not so much about direct sales but rather about building relationships and gaining long term customers as well as building the satisfaction of existing customers.

Every business can gain advantages from using social media but managing social media can be a complex task and is one that should not be taken lightly because a poorly managed social media account can be detrimental to your business.

Take pride in your social media accounts

Your social media accounts are an extension of your brand so treat them with care – be sure to design your accounts in line with your brand and also remember that when you are posting on social media you are representing your company in everything that you say.

Set up accounts on as many platforms as possible

Even though you may believe that some platforms are not relevant to your business it is advisable to create accounts on more rather than less platforms – as long as you have the time to update the accounts then the more social media platforms you sign up to the better.

Make sure you post regularly

Posting regularly is crucial to a successful social media campaign – an inactive account looks stale and could be detrimental to your business.

Don’t post the same content on multiple platforms

Posting the same content across all platforms will discourage your audience from following you on more than one platform so it is important to post a variety of content across these platforms.

Always be responsive to your audience

Consumers like to reach out to businesses on social media so it is important to monitor all of your accounts and respond to these enquiries when they come up.

Outsourcing this process

Primo Virtual Assistant is a specialist in social media management and we can handle all of these tasks for your business in an efficient and professional manner. From account creation to content posting and scheduling through to audience interaction we can create an ongoing social media presence for your company that is both professional and beneficial to your business.

Martin Bartalsky

Primo Virtual Assistant LLC

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