How to Perform Online Research Effectively

How to Perform Online Research Effectively

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online-researchIn some ways research is far easier than it ever has been before thanks to the advent of the Internet (and especially thanks to Wikipedia). Before the Internet became popular research often had to be carried out in a library where you had access to many books and journals. Research was a time consuming process and quite often you simply couldn’t find what you were looking for:

The Internet has made research easier mainly because it provides access to an unimaginably large source of information and also is extremely convenient because it can be accessed form almost anywhere and from a range of different devices.
There are some new challenges that come with online research though and to do it effectively there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration and some practices that should be adhered to:

  1. Use a variety of sources – it is sometimes easy to just use Wikipedia because it contains so much information about so many popular subjects but it is very important to vary the sources that you use for online research – partly to check that facts are actually correct and partly to keep your research unique and not just a copy of another online resource.
  1. Double check information – The internet is a great place for performing research but is sometimes open to abuse or mistakes because almost anyone can publish information on the internet. For this reason it is important to check all information that you find online.
  1. Don’t copy information word for word – Facts of course have to be copied exactly but general information should be read and then rewritten to avoid duplicate content.
  1. Make a note of your sources – even if you are only researching for your own benefit it is always useful to note all of the sources that you use in your research because it makes going back over your notes much easier.
  1. Add your own notes to your research – Adding your own notes makes your research original but also makes it easier to understand the research when reading back over it.
  1. Use quotes where possible – there is lots of factual information on the internet but there is also lots of practical information and opinions – these can be used when performing online research in the form of quotes and adds value to research as well as making it easier to understand.
    Following these best practices will make online research far easier, comprehensive and will also help you in producing readable and interesting research that is highly beneficial to you or the intended reader.

Outsourcing this process

Primo Virtual Assistant will perform these tasks on your behalf. With a description of the subject that needs to be researched we can seek out the most relevant and comprehensive information on that subject and present it to you in a unique and concise format along with references where appropriate.

Martin Bartalsky

Primo Virtual Assistant LLC

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